BD99 postcodes Bradford

This is a list of postcodes in the BD99 area covering the areas of Bradford.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BD99 2WZ53.792489-1.784167414316432930SE143329No
BD99 2XE53.791765-1.781636414483432850SE144328Yes
BD99 2XG53.793342-1.783783414341433025SE143330Yes
BD99 2XQ53.783235-1.785975414200431900SE141319No
BD99 2YA53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333No
BD99 2YZ53.796658-1.751172416488433401SE164334No
BD99 4BA53.796658-1.751172416488433401SE164334No
BD99 4BB53.796658-1.751172416488433401SE164334No
BD99 4WY53.796262-1.750764416515433357SE165333No
BD99 4WZ53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333Yes
BD99 4XB53.796933-1.749166416620433432SE166334Yes
BD99 4XD53.793044-1.746457416800433000SE167329No
BD99 4XE53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333No
BD99 4XL53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333No
BD99 4YG53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333No
BD99 4YP53.796019-1.750599416526433330SE165333No
BD99 4YX53.797121-1.749074416626433453SE166334Yes
BD99 9XF53.79394-1.744933416900433100SE169331No
BD99 9XG53.793378-1.78395414330433029SE143330Yes
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