Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The website is churning through the latest data from the Land Registry and the top line numbers are now online. Sales volumes still look low and the the fall in prices continues. Maybe there'll be another Stamp Duty holiday to turn the numbers around in time for an election.

I've also recently updated the average income data by MSOA area. The data is released rather slowly by the ONS, so we are only now able to get it for 2020. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pretty much all the areas with the highest incomes are in London and the South East of England. I could highlight some of the areas at the top of the list, but the confidence intervals are so large I suspect this may not be that informative. If you want to see the original data, you can download it directly from the ONS.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

I've updated the site to include details of another level of administrative area, county electoral divisions. For example - Cambridgeshire postcodes

You can grab the data as CSV, KML, GeoJSON and Shape files. Let me know if you hit any problems.

In unrelated news, I've adjusted the blog subscription so you can subscribe just for blog posts about website updates or for all updates, since I occasionally rant about random subjects that most subscribers probably aren't interested in. If you've signed up already, you will only receive notifications about website updates. If you want to sign up for everything, currently you'll need to unsubscribe and sign up again. If you haven't signed up and would like to, head over to the sign-up page

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

I've uploaded the latest Land Registry website data to the website. Perhaps unsurprisingly, house prices are now falling and sales volumes don't look very healthy

Friday, December 15, 2023

I've added usage data for GB stations for the April 2022 to March 2023 time period. Whilst most stations still haven't returned to their pre-pandemic usage, the Elizabeth line appears to have been a huge success, with many of the stations along it achieving record numbers of passengers. The most used station is no longer London Waterloo, which has held the record for every year apart from 2021, but rather London Liverpool Street.

I've also updated the station stats page so you can explore the historic usage data

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

I've uploaded the latest ONS postcode data. There is an issue with ITL codes in the Northamptonshire area which I can't currently resolve but I will keep an eye out for updated data from the ONS. If you see any other problems, let me know

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The server is currently churning through the latest house price data from the Land Registry. The trend continues, the number of sales is falling and prices are dropping with the annual percentage change likely to turn negative next month. The rise in interest rates finally seems to be having an effect.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

I was complaining recently about the poor state of UPRN data. But it turns out I was mostly wrong and the problem was my poor research abilities (or things have changed for the better recently). A Disqus conversation led me to this page which provides the links between different identifiers.

These are all CSV files that can be imported into your favourite database. To get the street name of a UPRN, we need to download the UPRN -> USRN links file. Once we've got the USRN, we need to download the Road TOID -> USRN links file. Once we've got the TOID, we can link to the street name using the OS Open Names download (it's probably also possible to do this using the OS Open Roads download but that's a bit more difficult to process).

We're still not able to construct an open version of PAF but we are slowly creeping closer towards that. 

So I've pulled all that data into this site and started displaying it in a couple of places (like here and here) but I'm keen to hear suggestions for other potential uses for this data e.g. all the roads in a postcode area/district/sector, all the postcodes for a road. 

One thing to note. The OS provides a UPRN dataset and the ONS also provides a UPRN dataset. The OS version doesn't include postcodes but the ONS version does so is likely to be somewhat more useful

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Saturday, October 28, 2023

I've uploaded the latest house price data for England and Wales to the website

Prices are heading down but the annual change remains in positive territory.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

This seems like a big milestone. Electricity produced by renewables in the UK in 2023 is higher than electricity produced by fossil fuels. Hopefully the wind will continue to blow for the rest of the year and keep it that way. Source

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

I finally got round to importing schools data for England and Wales. I've not done a lot with it other than list nearby schools for individual postcodes. Let me know how you'd like to visualise or download the data.

One interesting thing I found in the schools data is the inclusion of the UPRN of the school. OK, it's interesting to me, possibly not to many other people. UPRNs uniquely identify addressable properties in Britain but although the data is freely available, it doesn't include the associated addresses. So it's kind of useless. I presume the reason we can't get the addresses is because the Royal Mail and its resellers make money from selling this data as PAF and if we could get a list of UPRNs and their addresses, PAF would be redundant. But this means no-one has much interest in UPRNs, because they don't serve any purpose for humans. 

We could try and build our own open source UPRN/address database, which is sort of happening at OSM. Run the query

  [ "ref:GB:uprn"]

This currently doesn't return a huge amount of data and populating it is kind of difficult legally. I can find out my UPRN on Find My Address, but can I then use that to help populate OSM? Probably not, since the address data isn't open data. 

The government says we should be using UPRNs

"Systems, services and applications that store or publish data sets containing property and street information must use the UPRN and USRN identifiers."

But if everybody did this, all open property data would only include the UPRN and no address, which would make that data fairly unhelpful for humans. May I make the bold suggestion that it's time to make all this data open?

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