B40 postcodes Solihull

This is a list of postcodes in the B40 area covering the areas of National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham International Airport, Bickenhill, Solihull. The area contains approximately 2 households with a population of about 9 (2011 census)

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B40 1 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
B40 1AB52.464587-1.727471418613285218SP186852Yes
B40 1AD52.450769-1.719626419151283683SP191836Yes
B40 1AE52.451032-1.71284419613283714SP196837Yes
B40 1NH52.450035-1.723331418900283600SP188835No
B40 1NS52.480332-1.740744417704286966SP177869Yes
B40 1NT52.453063-1.720052419122283938SP191839Yes
B40 1NU52.480308-1.740898417694286963SP176869No
B40 1PA52.452181-1.723487418888283839SP188838Yes
B40 1PB52.452211-1.723464418890283842SP188838No
B40 1PD52.45454-1.727717418600284100SP186840No
B40 1PE52.455439-1.727712418600284200SP185841No
B40 1PF52.456332-1.724763418800284300SP187843No
B40 1PG52.456325-1.72182419000284300SP189843No
B40 1PH52.480308-1.740898417694286963SP176869No
B40 1PJ52.453452-1.725068418780283980SP187839Yes
B40 1PL52.450931-1.721854419000283700SP189837No
B40 1PP52.45044-1.715721419417283647SP194836Yes
B40 1PQ52.454251-1.726836418660284068SP186840Yes
B40 1PR52.480308-1.740898417694286963SP176869No
B40 1PS52.447596-1.716056419395283331SP193833Yes
B40 1PT52.453399-1.724001418853283974SP188839No
B40 1PU52.447684-1.717519419296283340SP192833Yes
B40 1PW52.453805-1.71308419595284022SP195840Yes
B40 1PZ52.453633-1.724044418850284000SP188840No
B40 1QA52.463848-1.714891419468285139SP194851Yes
B40 1QB52.463833-1.714899419467285137SP194851Yes
B40 1WA52.463629-1.71596419395285114SP193851No
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