IV33 postcodes Rothes (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the IV33 area covering the areas of Rothes (no longer in use).

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IV33 7 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
IV33 7AA57.526311-3.21259327480849110NJ274491No
IV33 7AB57.5293-3.210017327640849440NJ276494No
IV33 7AD57.528248-3.20731327800849320NJ278493No
IV33 7AE57.540236-3.193674328640850640NJ286506No
IV33 7AF57.540236-3.193674328640850640NJ286506No
IV33 7AG57.557925-3.222666326940852640NJ269526No
IV33 7AH57.555433-3.247818325430852390NJ254523No
IV33 7AJ57.533338-3.210485327620849890NJ276498No
IV33 7AL57.527844-3.23051326410849300NJ264492No
IV33 7AN57.523633-3.220182327020848820NJ270488No
IV33 7AP57.526542-3.207254327800849130NJ277491No
IV33 7AQ57.556782-3.247697325440852540NJ254525No
IV33 7AU57.526617-3.208759327710849140NJ277491No
IV33 7AW57.515554-3.237942325940847940NJ259479No
IV33 7AX57.526529-3.208589327720849130NJ277491No
IV33 7AY57.524374-3.208518327720848890NJ277488No
IV33 7AZ57.527171-3.207275327800849200NJ277492No
IV33 7BA57.525288-3.206878327820848990NJ278489No
IV33 7BB57.52331-3.20698327810848770NJ278487No
IV33 7BD57.529651-3.201511328150849470NJ281494No
IV33 7BE57.529002-3.203661328020849400NJ280494No
IV33 7BG57.528464-3.203476328030849340NJ280493No
IV33 7BH57.528327-3.208482327730849330NJ277493No
IV33 7BJ57.529855-3.208365327740849500NJ277494No
IV33 7BL57.529594-3.207522327790849470NJ277494No
IV33 7BN57.529959-3.206866327830849510NJ278495No
IV33 7BP57.531367-3.209919327650849670NJ276496No
IV33 7BQ57.528239-3.208312327740849320NJ277493No
IV33 7BS57.531367-3.209919327650849670NJ276496No
IV33 7BT57.528949-3.20917327690849400NJ276493No
IV33 7BU57.530733-3.201046328180849590NJ281495No
IV33 7BW57.532374-3.207948327770849780NJ277497No
IV33 7BX57.531901-3.201084328180849720NJ281497No
IV33 7BY57.526292-3.205242327920849100NJ279491No
IV33 7BZ57.529653-3.201345328160849470NJ281494No
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